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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Where has the time gone!?  It's unbelievable that it is already May and I only have 16 school days left with my precious SuperKids!  I took a short detour to visit a friend in NYC, have been knee-deep in testing, toss-in our music program preparations (the kids ROCKED it out), and I have been MIA on the blog.

I'm so excited to finally share all of our dino fun from two weeks ago.

We started with a.... you guessed it... schema chart!  Our Chit Chat message ended with the question, "What do you know about dinosaurs?"  Here is what the kids brainstormed:
I am so in love with their use of the word "some" now when creating these charts.

For our Morning Meeting read-aloud, it was the trade book, If the Dinosaurs Came Back.
After re-reading it on Day 2, I had the students vote if they themselves would want the dinosaurs to come back.  We analyzed the results.

During Morning Meeting on Day 3, we brainstormed dinosaur verbs on a circle chart after reading a non-fiction book.

We read Can I Have a Stegosaurus, Mom? Can I? Please!? by Lois Grambling on Day 4.  She has a Tyrannosaurus version as well, but both are out -of-print and can be tricky to find.  I snagged my copy at my city library.  I got the ideas used with this story from the fabulous Deanna Jump.
I gave each student a large Post-It and had them share what they would do with their own pet dino!
For a literacy job that day, they chose their own pets to request from mom or dad.  ;)  They had to give 3 persuasive reasons why.  I loved their ideas!  

At Friday's Morning Meeting, we re-visited our schema chart and added our new learning!

For a math workshop, we made trapezoid patterns on Stegosauruses!

Taking crafty inspiration from Deanna Jump, I free-handed some tracers to make these adorable dinosaur paper projects.

I absolutely LOVED dinosaur week and wish we had longer to devote to them!  The kids just flip for dinos!  Hope you're hanging in there during this crazy time of year and enjoying every last second with your sweet babes!

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