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Monday, August 13, 2012

Mousepad Makeover

I got the brilliant idea from one of my wonderful teacher friends to cover my quite unattractive mousepads with fabric!  It was a pretty easy and quick project, and I only have some minor glue gun burns.  ;-)

Here is one of the umm, lovely mousepads provided for my 7 student computers:

This one was actually in pretty good condition.  Some of them were peeling apart much more than this one and a few had some lovely drawings and student names tattooed onto them... (good 'ole Kindergartners)

I cut squares of fabric and simply wrapped the fabric around the mousepads like a gift.  I hot glued the edges on the back and did my best not to let things get too bunchy around the corners.  Luckily the fabric I used was pretty thick so my fingers weren't singed too badly when I pressed the fabric down onto the hot glue.  If you use thin fabric, definitely use a marker or some other tool to press down as you glue.

A student computer before:

 And the colorful, fun after!

I'd love to know any of your DIY ideas for sprucing up your classroom!  Feel free to share in the comments.  ;)

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