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Monday, August 20, 2012

Must Have Monday

It's Teacher Week!
Today was my first official day "back on the job," and my brain is in overload!  I hope you all are having a great beginning of your year either with your staff or with your new kiddos!

My teaching must-haves...
I love my toy microphones.  We use these for Share Chair, guided reading, and our SuperKid News Reports.  The kids LOVE talking into these, and I'll admit, I love talking in them, too.  ;)

This is one of my favorite "attention getters."  I blow my train whistle twice, and the students cheer "ALL ABOARD!"
I think that business card magnets are the best adhesive magnets!  They are always pretty strong, and the stickiness actually works.  I also love them because they're easy to cut in different ways.  I buy mine from good 'ole Amazon.

And I just can't get rid of my ginormous ghetto stereo circa 1992.  Even though our computers play through the ceiling speakers, I love that my kids can be trained to work the stereo during the first week of school.  I count on them to start the clean-up song for the entire year!  (I use the instrumental version of "We Will Rock You.")  Transitioning to clean-up time is so incredibly easy... the song starts and the kids get movin'!

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I'd love to hear all of your favorites, too!

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