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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pattern Block Snakes

We are knee-deep in our patterns unit, which is one of my favorite things to teach in math.  For whatever reason, kids just always love patterns!  About halfway through our unit, we made patterns with wooden pattern blocks, before using paper die-cuts to make pattern block snakes!  This one grew legs so I guess it's actually a caterpillar.  ;)

I made the die-cut shapes in various colors, so the students had more options with their patterns.  Some used colors while others used shapes, or both!

Since we have already been working with patterns for awhile, the kiddos are experts at labeling and were able to label their snakes independently.  A few students took the initiative to make growing patterns instead of repeating ones.

This student used shapes only for his pattern.

Come back soon for more patterns and a freebie!  :)