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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

shape freebie

Do you have your students use 2D shapes to make creative pictures?  Here is a free little page they can use to count and record the number of each shape they use.

Click here to download it through my TPT store!  Hope you enjoy!

Monday, January 28, 2013

2D Shapes!

Lots of Kindergarten classes probably study shapes near the beginning of the year, but we wait until January.  There are several reasons why... we like all of the kids to have strong counting abilities, we problem-solve with the shapes, and we dig deep into the world of 3D shapes.

To kick-off the unit, we analyze 2D shapes, describe their attributes, compare and contrast them, and practice drawing them.  As a whole-group, we create anchor charts to list attributes as we examine the different shapes.

At math small-groups, I help the students examine the shapes further, and they summarize about each of them on recording pages.  This is a great informal way to assess if they have a foundational understanding of 2D shapes and related concepts.
"no corners"

"triangle has 3 sides"

"no points"

I just love this snowman made of circles - look at the mouth! :-O

Adorable square robot!