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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Welcome to my Room!

So I only made 1 post during Teacher Week... per my usual.  Despite my best intentions, the week before school starts just overwhelms me.  But I'm back and super excited for the 1st day of school tomorrow.  I met my new students on Friday evening, and oh my word - they are beyond precious!!  And now for a tour of my classroom... welcome!

 Here's the back of the cubby shelf that serves as a partial wall to create a small entryway.  The top of the shelf holds our folder buckets and turn-in tray.  I just hung these pockets from Ikea on the back.  They hold line-up chants and songs, as well as some hallway friends.

Miss Mouse joins us in the hall when we need to practice being quiet, Fly-Straight Fred helps us when we need to stay straight in a line, and Kiki Kangaroo helps us practice walking, rather than jumping or running.  ;) 

 My Goofy and Angry Bird hats are here by the doorway so I can grab them to wear in the hall as well.  I wear them backwards and they watch my line for me, of course!  :)

My Math and Science Word Walls are to the right once you enter my classroom.  They are bare now of course, but we will start adding words during the first week of school.  By the end of the year, they will be full.

Here's our little SuperKid Library.  I add thematic books to the triangular shelf, and the students' book boxes are in the cubbies.  Their book boxes hold their published books (from Writer's Workshop) and readers on their independent levels.

Literacy Station tubs are on this shelf, with our scrap buckets on top.

We are so lucky to have 7 student computers!

Our Reading Wall, Reading Tent & Reading Buddies, Treasure Box, and "back door."

 Here's the view the children have when sitting on the learning rug.  More Literacy Station tubs are on the counter with the Word Wall behind.

I used napkins to add the fun pom-poms this year.

Our Calendar area!

These shelves act as a divider for the room.  Normally there are more math games on the top of the middle shelf, but I had the table tubs there for Meet the Teacher night to make room for the folders on their tables.

Ikea cardboard magazine files make the perfect holders for math games!  I have about 40 more games stashed under the student computers, and I change them out throughout the year.

 The SuperKid rubric and "Kid Word Wall."  I used mounting tape to adhere washers to the fabric.  We add high frequency word cards with magnets to the wall throughout the year.  The students can remove the words and take them to their seats.

More about this interactive word wall here.

Our blank Writing Wall.  I can't wait to fill it up with all of our wonderful anchor charts!  Below is my shelf where I keep all of my Guided Reading goodies.

My desk and teacher table, where I had signs out for carpool and photo-taking on Meet the Teacher night.

My desk!  I love pictures.  :)

And out in the hall, we hang fantastic "Level 3" student work (usually from Literacy Stations) on these clothespins.  It's hard to tell in this picture, but we glitter-fied them this year Pinterest style.  :)

My class bulletin board:

I hope you enjoyed my classroom!  I can't wait until it's full of my SuperKids tomorrow!!  :)

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