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Monday, September 30, 2013

If These Walls Could Talk... It's a LInky Party!

 I, like most of you all, am obsessed with anchor charts!  I have seen a previous Linky Party that encouraged bloggers to post their all-time favorite anchor charts.  SO much fun, but I think we need a chance to display what's currently hanging on our walls on more of a day-to-day basis throughout the year.  So, without further ado, what would your walls say right now if they could talk, meaning read what's on them!

Here are the anchor charts currently gracing the walls (and err, cabinets) of my classroom!
This is our IDEAS (6+1 Trait) poster hanging on the Writing Wall.  I love how this poster turns out so differently every year depending on my students' interests.  This is a great reference when little writers claim they have nothing to write about.  They also use this poster to spell words.

Another one on the Writing Wall - I refer to this one ALL.YEAR.LONG.

After introducing the concept of setting, we made a quick web of the settings from stories we have read this year together.

Part of our Social Studies lessons on jobs at school and learning the names of staff members - oh so important, but tricky for the kids to memorize!

LOVING the Climb Inside a Poem lessons I blogged about here.   "Just Like Grandpa" is a precious poem included in the big book.  It provided a great introduction to action words.

Little scientists made lots of observations about these 3 liquids before we predicted what would happen when they were all mixed together!  Of course, we recorded our predictions and then the results of our experiment.

My students blew me away with their deep answers to this question!  This lesson also came from Climb Inside a Poem.  I can't resist showing you a few of their individual response pages...

I hope you all will link up with pictures of your classroom walls right now and the charts hanging on them!  I'll host this party at the end of each month!  Please be sure to grab the Linky Party image from above and link back to this page.  :)

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