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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Roll & Tally Freebie

2 weeks down, whew!  I am loving my class, and they are catching onto our routines and procedures so quickly - yahoo!  One of the major routines we have been practicing is our system for math rotations.  For my math block, we start altogether for a 15 minute whole-class math "warm-up."  After that, the students rotate through 3 stations: teacher table, computer, and workshops.  I use a PowerPoint that automatically advances to tell students when to switch and where to go. 

For their workshops, students play differentiated math games.  I will be spending this whole week teaching them loads of these games when they come to their teacher table rotation.  The students get a new game everyday, so they don't get bored, so I need them to learn A LOT of them up front right now.  As their skill levels progress, I will introduce and teach new games here and there throughout the year.

Here's a freebie game that the students love and is very easy to teach and requires only the student handout, dice, and pencils.  Nothing to laminate!  ;)
Click here to download it for free from TPT.  Hope you and your students enjoy!  :)

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