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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Goodies

Next week is the week before Spring Break for us, and it's one of my most favorite weeks of every year!  Not because I'm psyched for Spring Break (although I am), but because we will fill the week with St. Patrick's Day-themed activities and leprechaun hi-jinx! 

No, I'm not Irish, but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE using this holiday for fun activities in my classroom!  Little sneaky leprechauns are the perfect way to add some excitement to our routine.  We spend all week trying to spot these tricky fellas!  And every year, I have students who swear they see one doing something crazy-naughty!  ;-)

I've shared lots of my St. Patrick's Day ideas and TPT offerings in previous blog posts, such as this one about a FREE writing page I use for a class book...

An emergent reader in my favorite Brown Bear, Brown Bear style...
 Kid-approved Lucky Charms Graph...

 As well as my "recipe" for some magical Leprechaun juice...

FREE Writing Prompts...

And the culminating activity that the kids will always remember - clues to hunt for that pesky leprechaun around your school...

Hunts like this are one of my favorite things to do with Kindergarten students.  They still believe in magic and their imaginations are big enough to eat it all up!

Happy Leprechuan hunting!!  ;)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

skip-a-station Freebie!

I'm a firm believer in the importance of novelty in the classroom. Kids - just like adults - get bored with monotony. This idea definitely applies to incentives and rewards. Treasure Box, Sock Day, Lunch Club, Switch Classrooms for the Day, Bring a Stuffed Animal to School...... All great incentives, but they lose their "zing" after awhile.

Here's a new one that the kids LOVE!

In my classroom, students have "Must-Dos" and "Can-Dos" everyday.  When they earn this coupon, they can turn it in any day to skip 1 Must-Do station of their choice.  It's my in-school version of the popular no homework pass. ;)

You can get this coupon for free right here.  I hope you and your students enjoy a new reward!