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Monday, March 24, 2014

10x10 Spring Literacy Printables Pack

When the cat's away, the mice will play mice work on spring literacy packets!  ;)  My husband John is out of town for work, and I was alone with the pups all weekend, so my trusty MacBook and I finished up my GIANT 10x10 Spring Literacy Pack!

This pack is jammed full of over 100 pages to last you and your students the entire spring season!  There are 10 different activity pages for each of these 10 focus areas:
The graphics include bunnies, chicks, and eggs; leprechauns, rainbows, and shamrocks; umbrellas, rain clouds, and sunshine; and lots of sweet baby animals and insects.  The level of difficulty within the sheets in many of the categories vary so that you can easily differentiate!  Best of all, they've been classroom-tested and kid-approved!

Filling-in beginning sounds... there are options for ending sounds and beginning blends, too!

Draw & Write pages foster creativity.  The umbrella was  already there and the 
student completed the picture.  We were channeling the Smurfs here.  ;-)

My students love digraph sorts!

A beginning sound sort for students who still need work with this skill - great for tutoring!

Combining digraph work with onset & rime!

ABC Order options include pages where no beginning letters duplicate and versions where they do - such as this one.

Open-Ended Writing Prompts... always a favorite in the SuperKid room!

10 pages of sight word work covers 40 different words and can easily be used to target specific student needs!

I have no clue what the student-added element in this picture is... pink chile pepper?

All 105 (5 extras 'cause I was on a roll) of the pages in this pack are "just print and that's it!"  No laminating, no cutting, no folding or stapling... because sometimes all we have time to do is print and copy.  These are PERFECT for your literacy stations but can also be used for RTI or small-group/whole-group practice.

CLICK HERE to find this pack on TPT where it's currently on SALE!

I hope you're enjoying the spring season so far!  I'm itching to stash my winter wardrobe in the guest closet but am worried that doing so will jinx it!  Come on sunshine and sandals!!

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