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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Meet the Writing Helpers!

I'm beyond excited to FINALLY debut the Writing Helpers!  These lil' writing resources are so incredibly powerful!  From the start of every year, they effectively help build confidence in my emergent writers who swear up-and-down that they can't write.  They are cute, catchy, and most importantly - the students love them and USE them!

There are 5 Helpers... Stuck in My Head is for those words that most kids just *know* how to spell... mom, dad, cat, stop, etc.   Although they may know them, often times they "forget" that when they are knee-deep in the mental task of writing.

Been There, Done That is probably my fave.  We've all seen it before.  A student works his little tail off to sound-out and write a word, only to start the whole laborious process over when he wants to write the word again a sentence or two later!  No need to with this little helper!

Once a student remembers that he or she has Been There, Done That, it's Copycat to the rescue.  Students can also Copycat words from the Word Wall, vocabulary ladders, books, picture dictionaries, etc.  

There's also the important Turtle Talk for phonetic spelling and Phone a Friend for when a real-live helper is needed.  ;-)

My fave teacher friend, Jessica Bolejack, created the idea for these helpers, and I whipped them up in a pack in my TPT Store.  The posters are included with 9 different backgrounds, so you can easily match them to the colors in your classroom.  

 I hope these posters will help your emergent writers as much as they help mine!  I'm off to enjoy the first "should-be-a-school-night" evening of my Spring Break!

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