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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chirp! Chirp! Great Work! Student Reward Freebie

Why reserve fun, magical characters just for Christmastime?  Straight from the wonderful land of fairy dust and talking toys, these friends of the Elf-on-the-Shelf are part of my most favorite behavior management reward system I use in my classroom.  Depending on the season, these creatures appear in our classroom to watch my students and award them based on good behavior!
I got this adorable chick from my local Hobby Lobby.  When he shows up on a student's desk with an award, he also brings this certificate.
Only I can touch the chick, so when the students excitedly point-out his new location, I pick him up and he whispers to tell me why the specific student was chosen.  ;-)  Another perfect way to highlight specific behaviors that you want to see more of in all of your kiddos.
Click on the image above or on this link to get the certificate for free!  You could also use it throughout the Spring even if you don't have a lil' chick character.

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