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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lima Bean Love!

Every year we "plant" lima bean seeds in baggies taped to a window.  I've written about our plant activities previously (here and here), but this year our lima bean plants grew better than ever!  (Which is quite the miracle since I have what's possibly the world's blackest thumb!)

Every morning my SuperKids would rush to the window to check on the status of their lima beans.  The squeals and gasps coming from my lil' scientists made me so happy.  There's nothing better than watching your students delight in learning!  We recorded the growth in our lima bean observation logs:

"seed coat came off"

"it is wrinkly"

"the skin is almost off"


Most of the lima bean plants grew successfully, but there were a few that rotted.
"it is rotten"

"the lima bean is bad"

Lima beans are a super cheap and easy way to give your students hands-on learning about plant growth and seeds!  

The observation log is in my TPT Store, along with a grass version and two plant FREEBIES - a plant parts labeling activity and a seed dissection recording page.

I hope your own SuperKids are having as much fun learning about plans as mine are!

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