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Friday, May 23, 2014

10 Day Balloon Countdown!

Today was #10 on our countdown for the year!  I'm freaking out a little bit!  I don't want it to be over!!!  The last 10 days of school are always absolutely crazy a bit hectic, so I decided to just add to the madness with a balloon countdown!
I typed up 10 surprises for my students and printed them on small pieces of paper.  I rolled up the papers and shoved them inside 10 different balloons before they were inflated.  I then labeled each balloon with its countdown number!
The surprises are mainly activities... class picnic, dance party, bubbles & chalk, etc.  I labeled the papers with the appropriate color so we wouldn't accidentally pop a balloon announcing a popsicle party on a day I didn't bring the popsicles!  [I made sure to plan out the 1st day of each week with something I wouldn't have to remember to bring or buy.  I'm so not a Monday person...]

I had the balloons inflated with helium last night, but this happened when I took them out of their bag this morning in my classroom...
#BalloonFail  I mean really!??  I know helium doesn't last forever but I was hoping for at least 12 hours... 

Despite the helium disappointment, the balloons were still a total HIT!  My kids squealed the minute they walked in the room this morning.  I hung them from the ceiling and created a balloon chandelier over our learning rug.  (Thanks, ceiling tiles!

They were so excited to pop the first one this afternoon.  I can't wait to see their excitement as they pop each one over our last 9 days together.  I'm also looking forward to the experiences we will share as a result of what's inside each balloon.

Are you doing anything special during these last few days!?  I'd love to hear your ideas!

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