Sunday, August 17, 2014

Globally-Connected Classroom: Parent Permission Forms {FREE for Facebook Fans}

I am beyond pumped to provide ways for my students to share with classrooms and students around the world this year!  I am specifically planning to start out using Twitter and Mystery Skype [<-- check out my Mystery Skype post here] to help us connect globally. 

I want the parents to be informed and excited about our use of these technologies in the classroom.  I also need to be sure that privacy is respected and that I have the necessary permission to include students in these online forums.

I created four separate permission forms that are generic and can be used by any teacher!  They contain places for specific information to be inputted by you where needed.
If you'd like to use these, head on over to my Facebook page and hit that little "Like" button!  :)  Then click the "Fan Freebies" tab and you can download any and all of these permission slips (plus the other goodies that live there).

I hope you enjoy!  Let me know how you plan to help your students connect globally this year!


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