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Monday, September 8, 2014

Procedure Posters for the Win! (And one's a FREEBIE!)

As all of my fellow Elementary School teachers know, the most important learning that happens during the first few weeks of school are the many, many procedures that help our classrooms run smoothly all year long.  This is my 9th year teaching, yet I still always forget just how much STUFF there is to explain to my sweet new babes every September.

Today was our 10th day of school, and mercy me, I am sick of hearing my own voice!  But I know that it is so worth it because if we iron out all of our procedures and routines now, the class will function as a well-oiled machine from here on out!

This year I was determine to help my students master 2 of my most dreaded procedures from the get-go.  The 2 procedures that year after year cause hiccups in our day and drive me absolutelycrazy:  Packing Our Backpacks and Gluing Papers into our Journals!

So the class helped me create two fabulous posters that make these procedures oh-so-simple and easy.  I have them hanging up and refer to them as they are needed each day.  The kids also had so much fun making them, and they remember the steps better because they were included in the process.  Plus the glue one has a song - and we can remember anything if it's put to music!  :)
When students forget a step, I just remind them by saying the step number.  It's so fantastic to watch them independently go to the poster, find the appropriate step, and then complete it!  And it's so much easier on me to simply give them a step reminder rather than repeating the same phrases over and over and over again.  ;)  BTW, Step 2 is my solution to avoid pile-ups and traffic jams right in front of the cubby shelf.
We use standard composition books as our Math and Science Journals.  I love how sturdy they are, and how they have plenty of pages for the year, but I do not love how difficult it is for my little ones to properly glue something into them!  Since we glue things into our journals almost daily, this procedure is crucial!  I'm convinced that this poster is going to keep our journals beautiful with seldom a journal glued shut!  So far, so good!  I use silly voices for each of the incorrect gluing titles and we hold our hands up in an X as we say and discuss them.  Make it fun, people!  :)

If you're interested in this Gluing Into a Journal Procedure Poster, click the link or find it in my TPT Store for FREE!

I hope your SuperKids are doing a fabulous job learning all of your classroom procedures!