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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Numbers 1-10 Student Book

Well hi there, happy Fall to ya!  Anyone else in utter disbelief that October is already well under way!?  It's been a fast and furious first 6 weeks of school, and we have been having a blast in math!

This year, we are implementing the new math TEKS, which are similar to the Common Core Standards.  We have been devoting all of our math time so far this year to developing number sense for the numbers 1-10.  We have been counting, comparing, and composing like crazy!  I created this student book that we used as an informal assessment.  It could also be used for guided or independent practice, or even for homework!

Representing Numbers:

Counting & Recording:


Comparing Quantities:

Comparing Numbers:

Generating a Number 1 More and 1 Less: 

Composing Numbers:

The book is available in my TPT Shop, and it's on sale right now!  :)  I hope you are having a great year with your own SuperKids!

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