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Thursday, March 5, 2015

SuperKid News + Count, Tally, & Graph FREEBIE PACK!

Well, hello there! Our 3rd snow day [in Texas!] this year seems like the perfect time to dust off this 'ole blog here and play some major catch-up! So where have I been!? Oh ya know, just having a blast with my precious SuperKids. ;)

We have been so busy and time is flying. I can't believe that we only have 60 or so days left this year. SAD FACE! I want to share some of the highlights from our classroom these past few months.

 In December, we learned about holidays around the world and read lots of Gingerbread Man stories! Our own gingerbread man, Gingy, ran away!! He sent us postcards from around the world. He's quite the traveler. ;) Luckily, he came back to us right before our Christmas break.
We also baked our own giant gingerbread man cookie.  We didn't give him eyes until after he was baked, so this one couldn't run away!
We celebrated both MLK Day and President's Day and made fun art projects.
We had a huge celebration on the 100th day of school.  My students' favorite part?  Working in a team to build a structure using 100 cups!

In math, we worked with shapes, solids, and learned to measure!  Ways to make a hexagon is always a class favorite!
 We also learned about money and had a blast making our coins talk using the ChatterPix free app!
We worked with force and motion, and the students collaborated to build machines that could move different objects!
 We've done lots of cooking (every Friday), including these adorable Oreo penguins!
We practiced interpreting maps and worked cooperatively to create our own maps of our imaginative towns!
For Valentine's Day, our Kindergarten Cares Club created Valentines for the residents of a nursing home and some sweet kiddos delivered them.
During our Valentine's party, we had a blast with our classroom selfie stick
My favorite 1st Grade teacher and I presented at a science conference about engineering in the classroom.  SO FUN!
And the ultimate highlight of the past few months in the SuperKid room - using our new GREEN SCREEN!  Oh-my-goodness have you ever used a green screen!?  It's such a blast.  I have this green screen and use this app.

After learning about different landforms, each student chose 1 to "live by" and then described how life is affected (diet, clothing, activities, etc.) in that environment!  They shared their information via video!
We've also used the green screen for lots of "just-for-fun" videos.

If you made it through all of that, I now have a new freebie pack for ya: Count, Tally, & Graph!  It's in my TPT Store and IT'S FREE!  I hope you'll enjoy it and leave feedback!  :) 


Thanks for letting me playing catch-up!  I promise to check back in soon this time.

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