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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Asking Questions: A Reading Strategy FAN FREEBIE

It has been more than a hot minute since I've taken the time to post here.  I could make excuses, but really I just had other priorities for awhile, and that's totally okay.  Since I've last posted I've...

  • Moved into a new house
  • Spent a year working in the curriculum department of my school district
  • Had the most perfect baby boy :) - Beckett
  • Resigned from the school district to spend this year staying at home with my babe
  • Embarked on a mission to not buy any clothes, jewelry, or shoes in 2017 (I'm blogging about it here)
  • Really missed both teaching and blogging about education!
As I came to dust off the blog and get to writing again, I realize I still had a few draft posts I had never finished or published.  SCORE.  Feels like Christmas again.  Thanks to those of you who are still following this blog 2 years later; hope you enjoy this post about an awesome reading strategy that includes a fan freebie!!

My students always loved Reader's Workshop time.  And I loved that we no longer taught "learning-to-read" before teaching "reading-to-learn."  Both types of reading instruction can (and should) come before students can read independently.  They can engage in deep, meaningful reading experiences and learn to use the comprehension strategies that they will use for their entire lives!

One strategy we worked on every spring was asking questions before, during, and after reading.  We did this first as a whole group during our mini-lessons.  When my students were ready to record their questions independently, I gave them this recording page for them to use during both read-alouds and while reading to self.

You can grab this student recording sheet for FREE on my Facebook page. 

Make sure to like the page, and then you will have access to the "Fan Freebies" link!  Enjoy!

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