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Friday, March 3, 2017

The Friday Five: Nicknames

It's time for another Friday Five - favorite nicknames!

This is pretty much what my husband exclusively calls me.  It's pretty rare to actually hear him say my name.  I use "babe" for him as well, and I also use it for friends and students.  Babe is just an all-around perfect nickname!  1 syllable, gender neutral, cute and playful!

I love the look on some kids' faces when they hear me use "mama" as a nickname for a little girl.  For whatever reason, "mama" is a nickname I use often regardless of the girls' age or status as an actual mama.

I picked this one up during my 1st year teaching.  In the district I was in that year, "friends" was a common nickname for a group of students.  "Let's go, friends!"  "I love how these friends are walking in the hall." "All of my friends are working so hard today!"  It's catchy, sweet, and it stuck!

This one is personal as it's a nickname I use for my 10.5 month old son Beckett.  I didn't plan to use it, but as soon as he was born I started referring to him as "Bear Bear."  I call him lots of other nicknames as well (Beckett Bear, Boo Bear, Bubba, Bubby, the list goes on...), but this one was his first nickname and my favorite.

Growing up I really didn't have many nicknames!  In high school though, a few of my best girl friends started calling me Norybear and a few of them still do.  :)

What nicknames are special to you?  See what Tracy and Kimmie are sharing, too!

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